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Our Story

Grantby Time Limited was born out of a passion for watches; a passion that goes way back in time.

When as a youngster together with my parents we travelled from our quiet Sussex village by train to London on a sight- seeing trip and London was as exciting as I had hoped it would be. The hustle and the bustle, the towering buildings, people dashing this way and that, it had a buzz and an atmosphere which many years on I still enjoy every time I visit.

The highlight on that particular day however was going to the famous Petticoat Lane Market, where we were greeted with smells of hot food wafting all around, loud market vendors selling their wares and crowds of people trying to snag a bargain.

Making our way through the throng of people and between the many market stalls that had everything from clothing to crockery on offer, ahead of us appeared a market stall selling watches. I was drawn to the watches like a magnet and dragged my protesting parents by the hand to gaze at them in all their glory. One watch in particular stood out to me, with a beautiful black dial, bright green luminous numbers and hands and a stout tan leather strap. Wow! I had to have that watch and after much begging, pleading, negotiating and proffering of my meagre pocket money, finally my parents gave in and the watch was mine; what a prize.

I have many fond memories of that day and even fonder memories of the adventures and exploits enjoyed whilst wearing that prized watch. It was the watch I had learnt to tell the time with, the watch I had started to grow up with, but more importantly than that, it was the watch that sowed the seed which set me on the path to turning that passion into a business.

And now many years later here at Grantby Time Limited, we are working in the glorious county of West Sussex, with a passion still as strong and taking much inspiration from this beautiful countryside. 

Our mission - to provide you our customer with superb quality of build, outstanding style and complete value for money.

For your continued pleasure and enjoyment for many years to come.

Tim Pretty

Founder and Managing Director